Interviews and stories that sometimes follow a thread but not necessarily so, that try to recount races, landscapes and emotions experienced during running, trail running and UltraTrail adventures.

But also technical tips to improve training, race management and insights into Wild Tee products.

Narrative and numbers, sacred and profane, to be listened to while running or at any other time when all you can think about is running.

Filippo Canetta returns to the other side of the mic for Buckled. In 2019, in his first interview for the podcast, he confessed that his name -inside the Western lottery- would continue to be placed until his re-draw.

This happened in December 2022 and Filippo was able to show up on the starting line last month (June 2023), 8 years after his first Western States.

Filippo talked about how he approached the race, what worked and what didn't, and how the race has changed in that time.

Listen to the July 28th 2023 episode

In this episode of the Buckled podcast Alessandro Locatelli interviewed Filippo Canetta, mind, heart and also legs of Wild Tee.

They chatted about how he started running, Spartathlon and Sakura Michi, his experiences in the United States and how he still tries to be surprised by running and racing.

Listen to the November 1st 2019 episode


Wild Tee loves music, anyone who has passed through our flagship store can confirm this; and we have created some playlists on Spotify which you can find here.

Some are designed to go with the long runs; others we asked people who are very close to us and whose musical tastes best reflect the Wild Tee style to create them.

Perhaps not for all ears, some quite underground, sometimes sounding more like the cassette tape we used to put in our walkman (for the younger ones: an archaeological device for hearing music). Definitely full of energy at the right moments.

And then there is 'Sunset Run Soundtrack', an open, schizophrenic, rather cheerful and varied playlist, which you can contribute to enrich; it was created as a soundtrack to our Sunset Runs, which are always accompanied by a cargo bike equipped with a sound system; but, even if you are far away, if you want to add your own track it will be a bit like running together.