Long sleeve t-shirts

There are always a few key elements to keep in mind when it’s time for a training session, especially if you are going to be spending time in the open air. To enjoy trouble-free training, the upper part of the body must be protected first, especially if the temperatures start to drop and one needs technical garments to keep warm. Therefore, it is essential to have the best technical clothing and, in particular, a good thermal jersey. 

The fabric must be breathable and thermoregulating

When choosing a long sleeve running shirt for women, the first thing to check is the fabric. In fact, the fabric must be able to withstand even the coldest temperatures, ensuring perfect thermoregulation of the body, to offer a constant feeling of warmth. The important thing is that the moisture is quickly wicked to the outside, so as to limit the wet effect that can have very negative consequences on our health. The first impression you will have when wearing a thermal running shirt for women, however, will be of extreme lightness and total comfort. This is made possible by the low weight of these technical garments, which fabric adapts perfectly to the skin and is very soft. The women's thermal running jerseys can also feature reflective details, to make the person clearly visible even in low light conditions. 

Mountain biking, trekking: the importance of technical clothing

Among the outdoor sports most appreciated by women there are undoubtedly also those on two wheels, so that to devote themselves safely and with no trouble to these activities, it is preferable to choose a woman’s mountain bike shirt suitable for the purpose. The well-being factor on two wheels is extremely important, which is why the best models of bike clothing for women are those that can guarantee absolute freedom of movement. The visual appeal, however, is not a factor to be underestimated and must be on a par with the technical aspect and with comfort. In short, a touch of femininity that is just enough not to compromise the performance aspect will always be appreciated, and the athlete’s personality will shine through while wearing the jersey. 

Trekking is another outdoor activity that is perfect for all seasons, but which requires some preparation and the right technical equipment. A woman's trekking jersey must be made of high-performance materials that allow dynamic movements, and above all must be resistant to tears or abrasions. The benefits of a woman's technical trekking shirt are also others, for example the great resistance to ultraviolet rays and odour absorption. Along with the elimination of excess moisture to improve performance on the trails, also on long runs. The choice of a shirt for hiking, in short, only apparently may seem something simple or trivial. The outcome will be directly affected. 

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