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Tank tops

The women's sports tank top is an essential garment for those who love to do sports, both indoor and outdoor. Because it lets you move harmoniously, spontaneously and simply, in a more relaxed way, avoiding muscle stiffness. 

Women's running tank tops are indispensable in summer, a season with particularly hot temperatures and where the need for air also involves clothing. Lightness, breathability, attention to aesthetics, are the characteristics of Wild Tee garments. Designed for use in the gym but, above all, for activities in direct contact with nature such as wild trail trekking and running. 

The women's technical tank top is also fundamental at other times of the year, including winter, where it can be worn, for example, under a windbreaker and long-sleeved thermal jersey. In all cases it is the first contact between the skin and external agents. A sort of mediator that must be able to protect the body from internal moisture, due to sweating, and external. That's why its choice should never be underestimated.

The design of the Wild Tee women's tank top 

Wild Tee’s proposal for the women's sports tank top features a design that is inspired by contact with nature. Prints that recall the mountains, the colours of the water, the sea, but also the light in different moments of the day, such as the sunrise and sunset, the trees, the starry sky. All elements that evoke memories and personal experiences. Among these elements are flowers such as the dahlia or the hibiscus, capable of fostering well-being, even in the form of print, and as such can be enjoyed all year round.

The women's running tank top can be simply matched, within the chromatic choice proposed by Wild Tee, to shorts as well as to women's leggings. Their theme is still inspired by green but more delicate, in timeless shades such as grey, green and blue. Choosing a pleasant outfit to wear is important for one’s well-being. The women's running tank top, as well as the men's sports tank top, which design is conceived with the same points of inspiration, makes it possible.

A material that respects the environment

The women's sports tank top by Wild Tee is made of a technical 100% PES fabric, coming from raw materials that are completely recyclable. This benefits quality, since the garment is particularly soft, light (it weighs about 90 g) and designed to last long.

Washing is simple and can be done by hand but also in the washing machine: just turn the garment inside out and choose a program for sportswear, without fabric softener, with low temperatures. Drying should be in open air and is, given the lightness of the tank top, quick in all seasons.

The women's running tank top by Wild Tee is ideal for those who practice sports and want to feel comfortable in any context and, at the same time, make a choice that takes into account the environment. Indispensable to feel good.

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