Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Every season requires the right clothing and when practising outdoor sports this is even truer: contact with the environment is direct, immediate, and constant. Every part of the body, therefore, must be adequately protected, and for the winter season a long sleeved running shirt for men is an indispensable addition to achieve maximum performance, be it in a sporting competition or during daily training, a moment of pure joy for those who practise sport.

The importance of materials

When buying technical sportswear, such as thermal running shirts, it is essential to carefully select the material with which they are made. In fact, one needs to make sure that it is extremely resistant, light and breathable. 

Wild Tee has chosen to make its men's long running jersey in Gotex. A 100% PES material capable of offering maximum levels of breathability and waterproofing. Although it is a fabric as soft as silk, it isn’t 100% natural, a characteristic that makes it ideal for those who practice physical activity outdoors, as it is extremely breathable and resistant to the elements.

A fabric like Gotex guarantees the best performance without sacrificing softness. The long-sleeved men's running shirt made by Wild Tee is perfect not only for wild trails, biking or a simple walk in the woods, but also for interval training on the track and running in the neighbourhood, to enjoy sports while feeling better than ever.

The Wild Tee design in the thermal jersey for men

Wild Tee’s long-sleeved running jersey for men has a carefully crafted design, both in terms of the quality of the materials and its aesthetic appeal. In fact, it is important that our garments are not only functional, but also beautiful and, above all, they must represent our sport philosophy.

Wild Tee’s long-sleeved thermal jersey for men is inspired by nature and offers different types of artwork: from the classic horizontal stripes, with basic colors such as black, blue, yellow and orange, to a bolder design, representing wildlife such as bears. The options are varied so that you can find what best reflects your personal taste and the time of your outdoor activity.

A final note on washing. The thermal trekking shirt for men is easy to wash, both by hand and in the washing machine at low temperatures; the important thing is to wash the garment inside-out.

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