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Lovers of outdoor activities know how important it is to protect themselves properly, wearing the right technical clothing. To run and move in the open air during the coldest months of the year as well as in summer, one must wear garments that can ensure maximum comfort and practicality, without sacrificing style. Women's running shirts are the perfect for this, not only because they represent an iconic garment that is always in sight but also - and above all - because the upper body tends to sweat more and the resulting wet effect can have very unpleasant consequences. Many people underestimate the importance of getting high quality running clothes, which are able to keep the body dry during training sessions. But this, on the contrary, is the very basis of a healthy and, above all, trouble-free enjoyment. 

The skin is protected and breathes, the body remains warm at all times

Technical garments such as the women's running jerseys are designed precisely to protect the skin, allowing it to breathe while keeping the body warm without ever feeling too tight. There are many different models of running jerseys for women, the important thing is to always choose garments that are technical and that are designed for this specific purpose. What are the essential characteristics that women's running shirts must have? Surely, they must be lightweight, breathable and protective, to give the wearer the maximum hygiene and comfort. The focus goes mainly on practicality, as well as the comfort of fit: these garments are designed to accommodate every movement of our body. 

The choice of fitting and the presence of seams for greater comfort

A technical shirt must always be present in the wardrobe of whoever loves physical activity and running in the open air. The wardrobe will contain shirts in various models, fabrics and colors. From the more or less tight fit to the more comfortable one, from the reflective models - to guarantee visibility and safety to those who do physical activity after sunset - to the thermal models that protect from the different temperatures during the various seasons of the year.

Depending on the type of training and the level of comfort desired, the first thing to do when it’s time to choose a woman's technical t-shirt, is to select the specific fitting. It is important that the seams of the running shirt are flat, so that the run is pleasant and that abrasions on the skin can be avoided, especially where there is more contact with the skin. A woman's running shirt today is a concentration of technology and is designed to allow the rapid evaporation of excess sweat. The running shirt should be highly breathable to ensure that those who practice sport wear a high-quality product capable of adapting to any external condition.

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