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Wild Attitude Playlist

“Wild Attitude” is our way of coping with running, racing and the difficulties of everyday life, big or small. A mood for running, training, nature and laughter.

Urban Runner Commuter

Our first video!

A running “race” among friends in Milan, the city where we live.

Urban Runner Commuter

Obstacles, snags, flat tyres and holes in the water. Being able to overcome them and turn them into good opportunities in every situation.

Trail Running is the answer

All thoughts, worries, phones that don't ring or don't answer are overridden like roots sticking out of the ground, rocks to be skipped, climbs to be tackled. Step after step, the beauty of nature and mountains becomes the only important thought. This for us is #WildAttitude

Trail Running according Wild Tee

Beyond filters, beyond poses, masks, fashions and stereotypes, this is our way of experiencing the mountains: sincere, real, made up of running and training but also of friends, smiles and falls.

T-Shirt SS 23. New graphics, same comfort, our mood. Discover them now!

Mountain Lovers

The out-of-town trips, the smart departures, the beach (oops), your favourite mountain and the dumbest friends.

Race Collection | night runners

100% Recycled, lightweight, breathable.

WT Adventures

Tales of more or less epic and more or less successful races, challenges for their own sake, to team up or to prove themselves.

Milano marathon 2023 | WT Relay pt1

The Wild Tee team is preparing for the Milan Marathon Relay; goal: to run it under two and a half hours

Milano marathon 2023 | WT Relay pt2

Mission accomplished! The Wild Tee team finished the Milano Marathon under the goal time!

Western States 2023

Focused and ready to cheer loudly for Filippo Canetta, the mind and heart of Wild Tee, who is engaged in the mythological Western States, the oldest Ultratrail race, with its 100 miles (160 km) and 5500 metres of altitude difference. After eight years, on June 24th, Filippo will tackle this feat for the second time. We asked him a few questions to find out how Filo prepared, his thoughts, expectations and fears.

Here is the first part.

In the playlist you will also find the following questions.

WT Products

Our products best re-told.

How a Wild Tee product is born


Nature has a wild side, even if it is increasingly difficult to find it, but the human soul also has a wild side, even if it is increasingly domesticated. We want to take you on the path (TEE=T=TRAIL) where these two worlds meet.

Layering for running in all conditions

A guide to running clothes for every temperature! A series of super interesting videos to help you choose what to wear in all situations.

Here we show you our tips for running from -15° to -5°C. 

You can find all the other videos in the series on our channel.