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Women's organic cotton collection

Cotton has always been one of the most common fabrics, used throughout the ages; the first evidence, found in Peru, dates back to 7000 years ago. Its features make it highly compatible with any type of skin, even the most sensitive. The absence of chemical substances in the farming process and the absence of the use of dyes and chemical additives during the manufacturing phase make it particularly suitable for people prone to allergies. In the traditional cotton supply chain, multiple substances harmful to the planet and to the consumer are used; this is not the case for organic cotton, thanks to the strict organic products regulations.

Substances such as resins, heavy metals, toxic solvents and pesticides, used in the processing and production of standard cotton, persist even after washing and over time such substances can be partly absorbed by the skin. This can be the case especially during a physical or sporting activity, such as hiking.

Wild Tee has designed an organic cotton collection with a natural appeal, respect for the environment and quality of materials, elements that have always characterised the brand. The Wild Tee garments feature superior quality organic cotton, from the t-shirts made in Italy to the sweatshirts, highly breathable for any type of skin. All products are certified and innovative.

Wild Tee organic cotton garments for women

Wild Tee is a member of the international non-profit organization 1% for the Planet, giving at least 1% of its annual sales to environmental protection projects. Wild Tee showcases the following garments for women:

  • Women's Tie-Dye Hoodie. An organic cotton sweatshirt with hood and soft front pocket, made in accordance with Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certifications. The yarn used is an organic combed cotton. The Tie-Dye style is unique and these garments are hand dyed, making each hoodie one-of-a-kind. A perfect sweatshirt for both hiking and leisure.
  • Women's Gray College Crewneck Sweatshirt. High quality organic cotton crewneck sweatshirt with a perfect fit and minimal design. The two-color print with Wild Tee graphics features an India Ink Gray hue which perfectly matches all skin types. This is one of the Wild Tee organic cotton sweatshirts which, like the other garments of the brand made of this material, meets the international Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEX standards.
  • Pink Reconnect with Your Nature crewneck sweatshirt for women. This perfect-fitting, high quality organic cotton sweatshirt features a two-color print with a Reconnect With Your Nature artwork and logo, featuring one of Wild Tee's iconic elements: trees. A Fair Wear product that can also be worn over the skin. The weight of 350 g / sqm makes this sweatshirt comfortable and versatile, both for stretching and for leisure.
  • Chocolate-coloured College T-shirt for women. A very light organic cotton t-shirt, weighing only 155 g / sqm. A minimalistic style, reminiscent of American colleges, prominently features one of Wild Tee's most cherished images: the mountain. This made in Italy, organic cotton t-shirt is Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.
  • Women's Tie-Dye T-shirt. This organic cotton t-shirt features the same design as the women's Tie-Dye Hoodie, as well as the same certifications: Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEX. The unique design and comfortable fabric make it perfect for all seasons.

Wild Tee organic cotton garments are easy to wash, preferably by hand, and should be ironed inside out, to protect the print. With these simple precautions, you’ll be able to wear the Wild Tee organic cotton garments for a lifetime.

For those who love outdoor activities and do not want to sacrifice style for their technical clothing

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