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The men's running shirt is the basis of any outdoor sports activity, not only in warm weather, but also in autumn, spring and often in winter. Its quality proves paramount since the shirt must be able to guarantee maximum performance in the part of the body that, by its nature, is subject to greater perspiration: the torso. 

All these are reasons why the choice of men's running t-shirts is anything but superficial, but rather essential to achieve top performance, even in the amateur practice of trail running.

Wild Tee's sports t-shirts combine technical and breathable fabrics, are made of 100% PES and are recyclable, designed to rediscover the pleasure of being in nature. Available in both solid colours and with artwork, Wild Tee’s jerseys are inspired by the elements, by wild animals and natural landscapes, such as the iconic Mont Blanc peak. The purpose is to wear the memory of an intense and unforgettable experience, the same feeling given by the practice of sports in the wilderness, where the challenge is with oneself.

Men's sport t-shirts: no compromise on comfort and style

Wild Tee's sports t-shirt is designed for all outdoor sports activities. It’s ideal to wear even in the coldest seasons, because it keeps the body warm, helping the cardiovascular and respiratory system to function optimally during exercise.

Perfect for outings in the mountains or in the midst of nature, they are comfortable to use not only while running on wild trails, but also on a simple trekking in the woods. In both cases it is essential to enjoy the various feelings wild places can awaken. The trekking t-shirts for men by Wild Tee are made for all this, with a harmonious result.

In addition to the garments designed for the current season, you can choose from numerous articles on offer and special garments made for important teams, as well as for preeminent running and trekking events. These are all available also in the online shop. Among them are the Laives Runners t-shirt and the Runaway t-shirt.

Wild Tee's running shirts for men are designed to be hand- and machine-washed at low temperatures ranging, depending on the individual shirt, from 30 to 40°C. In addition, Wild Tee adheres to the 1% for the Planet program, donating at least 1% of its sales to environmental causes. Including those of its t-shirts that are not only beautiful, practical and comfortable, but also environmentally sustainable.

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