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Running apparel is indispensable to promote well-being, for comfortable and trouble-free training. There are some garments that are especially conceived and designed to support and soothe the body during training and racing. We are talking about technical leggings; their support helps improve performance but also protects the body from seasonal disease, due to sweat freezing on the skin. Running is surely one of the easiest activities to devote oneself to, since it does not require the use of special tools and accessories. In fact, you just need to buy the right technical clothing to have everything you need. Running leggings must always be in the runner’s closet: let's see how to choose them and what features they should always have. 

The features of leggings and how to choose the right pair

Women's running leggings must protect the legs from the weather, both in the summer, when the sun and UV rays are a threat to the skin, and in winter, when the probability of being exposed to bad weather such as wind and rain is greater. The fabric with which running leggings are made must therefore be able to wick away moisture and at the same time promote breathability, no matter how hard the workout is. However, cotton should be avoided, as it is a material that tends to retain moisture and get wet, remaining heavy due to sweat. Clearly, according to the season of the year, you will need different clothing. Summer running leggings should be light and fresh, while thermal running leggings should be able to withstand the changing autumn and winter weather, and therefore be waterproof and made of thicker fabrics. This will always keep the skin dry, even in rainy weather.

Women's leggings for running are generally designed for that wow effect and are therefore often much more carefully designed than men's models in terms of aesthetics. Because of course, women are great lovers of sports, but they won’t give up being fashionable. So we’ve used fanciful and multi-coloured fantasies, perfect to always feel at ease, even while wearing a sweatband or with the hair pulled back in a ponytail. 

It is also very important to choose the leggings’ right length: in fact, there are different types, all extremely practical in different contexts: from the short models to the knee-length ones, but also the full ones that cover the whole leg. The longest leggings will be perfect in the cold months of the year, when due to the harsher climate you will have to keep your body more protected and comfortable while running. The intermediate models, on the other hand, are ideal during spring and autumn, that is, when the temperatures are too cold for short leggings and too hot for long ones.

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