Being able to rely on your legs, for a runner as for a biker, is essential. A factor influenced by the comfort of what you wear. Finding the right shorts may seem simple but it's not, since the risks are many: from shorts sticking your thighs while you're in full physical activity, to the annoying chafing, right where the skin is most delicate. Not to mention their length: too short or too long can be an annoyance too. In short, physical activity, when done without the right men's running shorts, can lead to unpleasant situations, compromising the rewards of practising sport.

Wild Tee has designed aesthetically simple running shorts for men, to match any t-shirt with their shades of grey, blue and green, along with the presence of several pockets. For the best experience, not only while training on the track or participating in a competition, but also while running in the woods.

All the comfort of 5 pockets

The most recent version of Wild Tee’s running shorts for men features 5 pockets, almost imperceptible, as the seams are designed for the shorts to fit perfectly, while also being reinforced for the most intense use. The pockets are placed on the sides and are suitable for carrying bars, gels, but also a tubular bandana and the Endurance hat. These are all items which help performance and that are always handy to have with you, both in short and in longer training sessions. The back pocket is even handier: it can hold a smartphone (up to 160 x 85 mm) or a light windbreaker.

The men's trail running shorts by Wild Tee are made of an innovative 4-way stretch fabric that guarantees the best fit. Breathability is guaranteed by a mesh insert, at the crotch, to which an inner lining is added, to let you move fluidly without hindrance. Every detail is cared for. To a runner, being able to run in complete freedom means feeling as one with what they are wearing. That's why the design of the men's shorts is so well thought out.

Not only running

Wild Tee’s running shorts for men are not only designed for running; they are also ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or indoor activities like strength training in the gym.

The legs are the part of the body that move the most during the practice of sport. Wearing shorts like Wild Tee’s, which let you feel more comfortable than ever, is an added value of no small importance. Therefore, performance can reach surprising levels.

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