The Wild Tee organic cotton collection for men features superior quality yarns, as shown by the various certifications received for each garment. Cotton has been used throughout the ages; however, in modern agriculture, more and more harmful substances are used in its processing.

Organic cotton, unlike standard cotton, is therefore grown according to the rules of organic farming, just like food products. It is therefore grown without use of chemical and carcinogenic products, such as herbicides and pesticides, which are commonly used in farming, and without dyes and chemical additives used during processing. These characteristics make organic cotton particularly suitable for people suffering from allergies.

Moreover, organic cotton, in addition to offering benefits for the consumers’ health, also avoids the use of harmful products that would be dispersed into the environment, thus also offering benefits for the planet.

Wild Tee has made a variety of garments, from organic cotton t-shirts to sweatshirts, all of which feature Wild Tee's signature design featuring natural elements such as trees and mountains. Made only of fine organic cotton that can be worn over the skin, guaranteeing all the benefits of such a special fabric. Items you won’t want to leave behind and perfect for leisure time, as well as for a walk in the mountains.

Wild Tee organic cotton garments for men

The Wild Tee organic cotton collection for men is characterized by innovative design and environmentally friendly garments. A commitment, that of Wild Tee, which is reflected in being part of the 1% for the Planet programme, which consists in giving at least 1% of sales to environmental causes. The organic cotton garments for men by Wild Tee are:

  • Men's Tie-Dye Hoodie. This organic cotton sweatshirt with hood and front pocket is made of soft combed and spun organic cotton, grown without the use of insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The Tie-Dye design is pleasant, original and features manual dyeing. A Fair Wear (textile certification promoting ethical fashion), GOTS (certification of adherence to international standards for the sustainable production of garments and textile products) and OEKO-TEK (certifying that all the components of an article meet the required international criteria regarding the manufacturing processes and the materials used)-certified product.
  • Men's Grey College Crewneck Sweatshirt. A high-quality organic cotton crewneck sweatshirt (India Ink Gray colour) with a perfect fit, this item features a two-colour print with Wild Tee graphics. Weight of only 350 g / sqm. Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEK certified product.
  • Reconnect with Your Nature Blue Men's Sweatshirt. An exceptionally soft Wild Tee organic cotton sweatshirt, perfect for activities such as yoga and stretching, but also for pre-race bib pickup. It features two colours, along with a prominent Wild Tee Reconnect With Your Nature artwork and a melange dark blue shade. The product complies with Fair Wear standards.
  • Reconnect with Your Nature Hoodie, for man (sand colour). A nature-inspired, melange sand-coloured sweatshirt, perfect in mid-season and post-workout, made with superior quality organic cotton and featuring a perfect fit. Experience on your skin its light weight (350 g/sqm), extreme softness and comfort. Fair Wear-certified product.
  • Men's College T-shirt (Chocolate colour). Made in Italy, organic cotton T-shirt, produced following the highest quality and ethical standards. Its yarn is grown without the use of fertilizers, chemical pesticides and insecticides. A Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEK certified product.
  • Men's Tie-Dye T-shirt. An organic cotton t-shirt with a unique appeal, made of the same fabric as the Tie-Dye sweatshirt, with its manual dyeing. The soft cotton is made following the standards of the organic sector and meets the Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEK standards.

The garments from the organic cotton Wild Tee collection for men are designed and manufactured according to the highest international standards regarding the use of organic cotton. An original design that only requires a small precaution during washing, to be done with bleach-free detergents and preferably by hand. The garments also require care during ironing: they should be ironed inside out, to protect the print. Garments that respect the environment and health, both of those who wear them and of the people who manufacture them.

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