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Tubular neck warmer

When the time comes to choose the neck warmer for trouble-free running sessions, things always seem easier than they really are. In fact, this accessory is not only useful but can also be very pleasing to the eye, so the aesthetic aspect is also taken care of. It is particularly useful on cold days because it protects an important part of the body. In addition, it will tell something about the wearer’s personality. In particular, Wild Tee tubulars are made of REPREVE, a fiber obtained from recycled plastic bottles, which makes it an iconic symbol of our philosophy, which goal is to make an important contribution to environmental causes that promote respect for nature for the sake of our future.

The tubular neck warmer and how to choose it

The tubular neck warmer band cannot be replaced by a normal scarf: the latter is unable to ensure the same seal to the neck in the various and different runner’s movements (during a race, for example, the scarf could fall off and be lost). The neck warmer, however, is indispensable for both amateur and professional runners: in short, it’s an accessory to be chosen with great care. There are in fact many different types, designed to meet the various needs of athletes. They are distinguished by the fabric used, its heaviness or thickness: each of them also responds to the need to face variable temperatures and weather conditions. In addition to protecting against low temperatures, these accessories retain heat, ensure the right degree of breathability and create a barrier in case of wind. The tubular neck warmer is also versatile and space-saving as well as comfortable. 

The characteristics of the tubular bandana

Then comes the tubular bandana, designed to be multifunctional. What does this mean? It means that, according to the way it is worn, it can serve as both a neck warmer and a bandana in the traditional sense. But also as a headband or a cap, as well as a balaclava or a 'desert scarf'. The multi-functional tubular bandana makes it possible to meet different needs and different conditions, even during the same outdoor training session.

This is an accessory that is very useful for both running and trekking sessions, or mountain biking and cycling. In general, it can be used to support the athlete in any sport. Whether the wind suddenly picks up or you need to tie your hair in a ponytail, the multifunction elastic bandana will always come to your aid. Moreover, thanks to it, thermal regulation will always be ensured. We have also mentioned the importance of the aesthetic aspect, a detail that is not insignificant if we consider that while we dedicate ourselves to a sporting activity we are doing something good for us and for our body. An activity that can then be expressed by the technical clothes we wear, as well as by all the other accessories that are a complement to ourselves and that we need to improve comfort and overall well-being.

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