We are well aware that it is not very plausible for a clothing company to proclaim themselves 100% eco-sustainable. Furthermore, even in practice, the best efforts are unlikely to offset all the emissions generated by one's business. However, even before Wild Tee was born, we realized that we wanted to do everything in our power to reduce our footprint on the planet and beyond.

We are well aware that it is not very plausible for a clothing company to proclaim themselves 100% eco-sustainable. Furthermore, even in practice, the best efforts are unlikely to offset all the emissions generated by one's business. However, even before Wild Tee was born, we realized that we wanted to do everything in our power to reduce our footprint on the planet and beyond.

We all know the news and the facts (hopefully) about climate change. Clearly we are very concerned about leaving an almost uninhabitable planet to future generations, already today we can see the effects of excessive industrialization with the naked eye.

Unlike the large corporations who keep pledging to last minute unfulfilled promises of eco-sustainability and greenwashing campaigns, we have increased our initiatives and our real commitment to safeguarding the planet every year.

On this page you will find everything we have done, with sources verifiable directly by you. Furthermore, as we have already said, we intend to increase our efforts in this direction at every possible opportunity. For this reason, we advise you to follow us on Instagram @wildtee, where we will inform you directly of all the initiatives in which you too can participate. In the end, we believe it is essential to disclose and collaborate all together in order to create a better future for all.

1% For The Planet (from 2016 to date)

This is the minimum percentage of our sales that goes directly to environmental causes

Since our first day of activity we have been part of 1% For The Planet, an independent international organization whose members donate at least 1% of their sales to environmental causes. We were the second company in Italy to join and we firmly believe that all companies that care about the environment should be part of it. What does 1% FTP actually do? It takes care of certifying how, to whom and how much we donate annually. To discover the project to which we donate, read the next initiative on this page!

Selva Urbana (from 2016 to date)

Since 2016 we have planted more than 600 trees a year

This is the environmental cause to which we allocate the majority of our 1% of sales proceeds. Thanks to the collaboration with our friends at @selvaurbana every year since 2016 we have planted more than 600 new trees throughout Lombardy, Italy. We have grown with them over time and we couldn't be more proud of the fundamental local reality they have become. Unlike the various online services that allow you to adopt a tree remotely or similar, we have decided to invest directly in our area. Furthermore, maintenance and management for the first two years is at our expense, allowing us to check the condition of the plants for the most difficult period of their growth.

Low Emission Shipping (from 2016 to date)

We chose shipments via land or sea from our suppliers and when possible we pay for CO2 compensation.

For the shipment of our products from suppliers to our warehouse, when possible we use shipments by land or by ship, limiting the environmental impact of our transport. Also, with all carriers offering this option, we always make sure to select CO2 offset when shipping to customers. Unfortunately, however, we cannot always verify how the various shipping companies compensate for the CO2 on their side, we asked them for greater transparency on this.

Organic Cotton (from 2016 to date)

This type of Cotton requires fewer resources and pollutants to grow.

For our lifestyle clothing collections, which we usually make once a year, from the beginning we decided to opt for Organic Cotton, which requires much less water and is grown without resorting to insecticides, fertilizers or pesticides. All our organic cotton products are Fair Wear, GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.

Plogging and trail cleaning (from 2016 to date)

“Plogging” is the activity of picking up trash from trails while running

This is an activity that we have always encouraged and practiced. Whenever we organized a running group we asked everyone to bring a bag to clean up the environment and you have always shown us great support towards this activity.

Biodegradable packaging (from 2018 to date)

For shipments to our customers we use biodegradable envelopes

From 2018 we decided to stop using the plastic envelopes provided by couriers to ship your orders. We then developed our own fully biodegradable packaging, made from plant waste. We always remind you to cut out the shipping label and throw it in the undifferentiated before disposing of the bag in the organic waste.

Donation a Wires Wildlife Rescue (Dicembre 2019)

During the terrible Australian wildfires of 2019-2020

We decided to donate 100% of the sales from our 'Wild Outback’ Tee celebrating Australia to Wires in an effort to help Australia's wildlife.

Air sampling of Milan with Cittadini per l'Aria (February 2020)

We participated in air sampling the metropolitan area of Milan.

The samplers were placed by numerous volunteers throughout the city; after a month they were collected and delivered to the laboratory for a scientific analysis of the air condition. The Wild Tee crew took advantage of training runs (solo during Covid) to place lots of samplers.

To find out what our discoveries: @CitizensForAir.

Donation to the Sacco Hospital in Milan (March 2020)

Charity marathon ran on treadmill during Covid lockdown

In March 2020, with the outbreak of the pandemic and the critical situation of Italian intensive care units, we decided to run a charity marathon on our Treadmill. Anyone who donated during the run would receive a voucher of equal value to use on our site. We added our personal donation to the total, reaching a total of 3,000 euros.

Bike Deliveries (from 2019 to date)

Within a radius of 50 km from Milan

With the arrival of the pandemic and the problems associated with courier logistics, we decided to start delivering directly and by bicycle within a radius of 50 km from the center of Milan. Considerably reducing CO2 emissions produced by our transports.

Recycled fabrics (from 2020 - ongoing)

We have started research and development to integrate recycled fabrics in our products, in whole or partly.

Initially we had to work hard with our suppliers to convince them to transition, first we worked on accessories, such as our REPREVE certified 100% recycled and recyclable polyester bandanas. We then came to change the fabrics even on our flagship products. Example of this are our BRYCE/ANTELOPE 2.0 in recycled polyester. But we won't stop there! We aim to continuously improve the quality and sustainability of ALL of our fabrics.

Neuroscientific research with Strobilo (from 2021 - ongoing)

Since 2021 we have started a research project with Strobilo.

We help them carry out a neuroscientific study to evaluate the effects of the environment on our brain during a run. The “Grey & Green Rings Project” experiment consists of two running rings, one completely in an urban environment and one in a more natural environment. The starting point is @runawaymilano, a shop we've always worked with, all participants receive a free pair of our ROCKIES socks. To find out when test days and results are, follow us on instagram @wildtee. Furthermore, Strobilo has certified us as a valuable environmental partner with their award dedicated to the most virtuous companies.

Free Solid Shampoo with Purchases (from 2021 to date)

We have commissioned ARCAECO bars of Solid Shampoo exclusively made with our logo.

At the end of 2021, after a careful analysis of the products on the market, we then decided to offer you the Solid Shampoo (worth €6.00) and the aluminum soap box (worth €6.00) for free with every order on our website over €80.00, using the code “SHAMPOO”. We propose it with the intention of making us more aware of the daily consumption of plastic, especially disposable plastic.

The Shampoo is produced using only natural ingredients, is biodegradable, and lasts about 60 washes, replacing two plastic bottles.

The promotion is STILL ACTIVE to date, we also suggest you to check our instagram post about it and the featured stories.

Cargo Bike purchase for Milan (from 2022)

We participated in the Civic crowdfunding of the Municipality of Milan for the purchase of a fleet of Cargo bikes

The project aims to start a process of populating the nine areas of the city with pedal-assisted cargo bikes equipped with an audio system for the management of proximity events. The cargo bikes, located in various places in the city, are shared with a network of associations to facilitate the promotion of social initiatives in parks, squares and buildings’ courtyards. We supported the purchase of our neighborhood cargo and use it to accompany our runs and events.

Air sampling of Milan with Cittadini per l'Aria (February 2023)

We participated in a new air sampling study in the Milan metropolitan area.

In the Municipality of Milan, data were collected from 473 samplers (30 of which were paid from us), 100% found average monthly levels of nitrogen dioxide above the annual threshold of 10 μg/m³ which W.H.O. researchers indicate as the value from which an impact on human health occurs. The average of the measured concentrations was equal to 47.2 μg/m³, with 86% of the samplers exceeding 40 μg/m³ (legal limit), almost 29% with values higher than 50 μg/m³ and 7 % scored over 60 μg/m³