When we talk about running socks, we are referring to an accessory for training that is not at all secondary, the choice of which must be made critically and without haste. Along with shoes and technical clothing, it is indeed the most important of all the accessories you need to have, in terms of comfort and practicality as well as the overall well-being of the body. Running socks are often taken for granted: no one could ever think of running without them. Yet we do not stop to think about their importance. Attention must be paid to a few essential aspects, such as materials and elasticity, to ensure that every training session or individual race goes smoothly. Clearly, we are talking about a technical garment, which must always be used to improve sports performance and to properly accompany every movement of our feet. Still too often you see people running around wearing socks that have nothing to do with the technical level of running apparel.

The features of running socks

Each race has its own more suitable sock, so there will be a model of trail running socks designed to give support to both ankle and foot, which must adhere to perfection and adapt to the external environmental conditions and climate. But there will also be a model for training on the road, where the key elements will be breathability and comfort, thus considering the season and climate of the training. Even more specific characteristics are compression, softness and breathability: key elements that should guide the choice of running socks. 

The compression running socks are made so that they never apply too much pressure on the foot. Rather it is important to compress certain areas more, to facilitate blood flow and circulation. The feeling of exhaustion and fatigue can therefore be averted and avoided during the race. Men's running socks can also, depending on the season, be longer or shorter with different compression areas (calf or other areas of the foot).

The right compression is important especially for races and training over long distances, that is when more fatigue is involved. Breathability: it will permit heat exchange with the outside while leaving the foot cool and dry. The choice will depend on the season and weather conditions: the degree of breathability and the thickness of the fabric may in fact be different. Comfort and softness are also crucial to ensure a smooth and pleasant run, without pain or other problems. In short, friction and chafing that can cause inflammation and irritation must be avoided. The running socks, for men and women, by Wild Tee are therefore made of the innovative Dryarn fibre. A light, insulating and breathable yarn able to offer maximum comfort to the athlete. Thanks to the thermoregulating function they guarantee the right temperature in all seasons and conditions of use. A feature for the well-being not only of the foot but also of the rest of the body during each workout.

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