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When one thinks of technical clothing for running and other outdoor activities such as mountain biking or trekking, the mind immediately goes to jackets, shoes and shorts but also to t-shirts and leggings. There is a whole range of accessories for running that are indispensable and that must be taken into consideration for one's technical equipment. Running and walking are extremely simple activities to perform to stay in shape, whether practiced at an amateur or professional level. In the city, in the parks or in the woods, there are some indispensable running accessories, to improve safety but also comfort, and in turn to improve performance and results. There are running hats, socks and bandanas but also neck warmers. 

Running hats: things to know

Let's start with hats, running accessories that divide fans into two schools of thought. On the one hand there are those who love them; on the other hand there are those who consider them barely an ornament or, in any case, non-essential objects. Sports hats are actually very useful and follow the trend of the seasons in terms of types and models. In the winter months they help to keep the head warm, especially in case of activity in particularly cold temperatures. On the contrary, when it is warmer, technical breathable models can be used to protect the head from the sun. Moreover, a carabiner for the easy transport of a reusable bottle is one of the indispensable trail running accessories.

Running socks, bandanas and neck warmers: things to know

In addition to hats, however, socks must also be included in the list of accessories for running; they should feature breathability, compression and softness. Breathability allows the thermal exchange with the outside. A good level of breathability ensures that the feet are always cool and dry. Both the thickness of the fabric and the different climatic conditions require a different level of breathability. In summer you need a light and very breathable sock, while in winter thicker socks are needed, with a lower breathability. 
Running socks are made to compress more certain areas of the foot, to facilitate circulation and improve blood flow, so as to lower the perception of fatigue during training. Finally, with regard to softness, this is essential to ensure a smooth and trouble-free run, with no rubbing or friction, which could otherwise promote chafing and the appearance of blisters. The running sock must therefore be made with quality materials; thick seams should also be avoided. People are increasingly buying running accessories online, because specialized platforms ensure transparency and facilitate comparisons. Among these accessories are also bandanas and neck warmers, that are obviously useful especially in the cold months of the year.

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