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Windbreaker Jackets

Running in the middle of nature, but also cycling or walking in the woods, involves a constant and important interaction, with elements such as sun, water and air. Wind is crucial: running itself is wind. Something that makes us feel closer to the essential, primal feeling of being part of what surrounds us.

Practicing outdoor sports is a source of well-being and for many people it is essential to cope with the stress that everyday life brings. This is possible if you wear the right apparel. A windproof running jacket for men allows you to face any situation you may encounter outdoors, such as wind, humidity, and rain. An absolutely essential garment, both during summer and winter.

Wild Tee has created, for its men's running jacket, a design that combines innovative materials with an aesthetic appeal that stems from the contact with nature, inspired by lava and its different shades, from orange to green. For an experience of pure emotion in which man and nature are one.

Windproof jacket: which to choose

Wild Tee proposes 3 basic models for the men's running jacket, for the different needs of each person, depending on the activity:

  • Windbreaker jacket. A classic garment that combines protection with simplicity.
  • Hooded windbreaker. The presence of a hood gives extra protection in rainy and windy conditions. A men's winter running jacket that is perfect for those days when the sun blurs with the clouds.
  • Windproof sleeveless. A jacket to protect you from the wind, while leaving your arms free to move. Also suitable for when it's not too cold.

In all three cases the fabric is waterproof and, at the same time, breathable: this lets the skin manage perspiration during the activity, while allowing the body to remain perfectly dry both inside and outside.

The seams are also waterproof, as are the side pockets. Wild Tee windbreakers are designed to protect against bad weather, the sizes are comfortable, neither too loose nor too tight, to allow comfortable movements. The zipper opens and closes easily and the men's running jacket folds into its own pocket; it can also be carried in the back pocket of shorts.

A long-lasting garment

The Wild Tee men's running jacket is designed to last. In addition to the quality of the materials and the resistance of the seams, this is also thanks to the simplicity of its washing, which can be done either by hand or in the washing machine, using a program for sportswear. It is important to wash the jacket inside out, to preserve the external print. Fabric softener should not be used and the garment should be left to dry in the open.

Wild Tee’s running jacket for men, like all other garments, participates in the 1% for the Planet project, for which the company is committed to donating at least 1% of its sales to environmental causes. A choice, therefore, that proves to be useful to get the maximum benefit from the experience of outdoor sports, but also to protect the environment.

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